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Harsh and powerful sounds mixed with fast, complex and irregular drum flavoured noises.
No samples or external inputs: all sounds are made by modelling raw waves generated by the Gameboy audio chip.

His music path starts in 1998 as singer and guitar player in indipendent, punk and experimental bands.
In 2006 he moves to Rome where the free tekno and breakcore scenes radically changed his approach to the music production: software like Renoise and Pure Data gave him the chance to explore sound synthesis basics and start an endless research in the creation of complex rythms. In 2007, Memero got his first LSDJ copy and a Gameboy (the first in his life) starting so releasing music using this limited-but-inspiring environment.

Memero works are linked and released on lo-fi hardcore music record labels like Killbot (AU), Datathrash (USA, r.i.p.), , Noisechannel (USA), Rainbow Diving Butterflies (De) , Various Vegetables (De) , Rexistenz (It) and Adaadat (Uk) . At the end of 2013 the australian Killbot Records released the "Spaety" record with two Memero`s "Squarewave Injection" Ep tracks selled then in the Praxis Records shop in Berlin. Memero is currently running his own record imprint Closebrace M Openbrace Records and playing live in squat basements and underground clubs.

During March and May of 2014, Memero organized and promoted the hardcore low-fi music event Sons of a Chipcore (SOAC) which took place in the Berlin based club Loophole.

For bookings email: memero(at)closebrace(dot)m(dot)openbrace(dot)com

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                                                     :N0                                                             :kKOO0Kk,                 ,00XWW,
                                                     cMK                                                            KMK.   ;Md                    dMM,
                                                     cMK                                                           ;MMl     ..                    dMM,
                                                     ,Od        .,;;,'.           .,;;,'         ......    ......  .MMO           .,;;,.          dMM,
                                                             .kWOl::cdNW0      'kWKo::cxWKl     .xxkXMNc  lNMXkxx.  0MW        cKXdc::o0WO;       dMM,
                                                             NMk       0W     dMMl      .XMN.     lXWc      cWXc    lMM;      0Ml       ,WMO      dMM,
                                                             XMWl.           lMM0        ;MMX    kMM:        cMMk   .MMk      ,'         lMMk     dMM,
                                                             .oXMMMXOo;.     0MMd        .MMM'  .MMX          WMM'   KMN     ............lMMW     dMM,
                                                                .':dOWMM0.   OMMd        .MMM.  ,MMX          NMM,   dMM,    dMMXddddddddOMMW     dMM,
                                                             ;.       :MMK   :MMK        cMM0    XMM,        ;MMX    ,MMx    'MMK        dMMd     dMM,
                                                            .MX.      'MMd    cWMx      ,NM0.    .0MWc      lWMO.     NMN     cWMx      cMMd      dMM,
                                                             kXWOdood0W0:      .oKNkoodKNk;        'xNWKOOKWNx'       xMM,     .dXNxooxXNx.    ;KKNMMXKO
                                                                ..''..             .''..              ..''..          ;MMd        ..''..
                                                                                                               .x'    ,MMx

                                                                                                  oM0    0KXMMo                                   l0X00XXk.
                                                                                                  oM0      ,MMo                                 'NMx    oM;
                                                                                                  oM0      ,MMo                                 dMM'     .
                                   .,:::;'        .........     .,:::;'.          .;:::,.         ;ko      ,MMo         .':::;'       ......... ;MMl          .,:::;.        .....   ,:c:'
                                 XMKo:;:l0MO'     ,xxNMMxdc   cNXo:;;lOMW:     'ONkc;;cxNNd.               ,MMo       cKMkc;;l0M0;    ,xxXMMkdl  WM0       .dN0l:;:oXWO'    'xxXMM;x0xdkXMWo
                                 Kd       cMW,       0MW     cMM.      ;Ml    cMK.       0MW;              ,MMo     .0MW'      lMMd      kMM.    OMM.     .NW,       lMMd      xMMX'     kMM:
                                     .....'MMk       0MW     cMMO;.           ',.        .MMW.             ,MMo     OMMl        KMM,     kMM.    :MMc     .,.         OMMc     xMMc      ,MMx
                                 :ONN0kkkkOMM0       0MW      ,kNMMW0xl,      ''''''''''''NMM:             ,MMo     MMMK00000000NMMx     kMM.    .WMO     ''''''''''''kMMO     xMM,      'MMx
                                KMM:      .MM0       0MW         .,cxKMMWo   'MMMxddddddddWMM:             ,MMo     WMM;                 kMM.     0MW.    KMM0ddddddddKMMO     xMM'      'MMx
                               ,MMX       .MM0       0MW     .;       .0MM;   KMM'       'MMN              ,MMo     dMMo         cc.     kMM.     lMM:    lMMx        KMM;     xMM'      'MMx
                        ,Od    .XMM:      xMM0       0MW     xMl       kMW.   .KMK.     .XMX.              ,MMo      xMWc      .kMx      kMM.     'MMO     xMW:      xMWc      xMM'      'MMx
                        cMK     .oXMXkdxkx:WWN00' :00NWW00d  ;ONXkdodkXKd.      :ON0dodONO:              00KWWX00'    'dXXkdodOXx,    ;00XWW00x    XMW.     'xXXxookNKo.    .00XWWK0o  l0KWWX00.
                        cMK         ....                         .....             .....                                  ....                     dMM;         ....
                        :W0                                                                                                                 'k.    oMM: